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Submitter Request Rejection Codes

Below are the common causes for submitter requests and MOU /COI updates.  For an overview of the submitter request process, please see MOU 5.05 Procedures.

1000Incorrect Form
1001MOU must be current version
The current CeRTNA MOU Template can be found at
2000Signature Issue
2010Missing Signature
2016Missing Submitter Signature, page 16
2017Missing Agent Signature, page 17
2018Missing Submitter Signature, page 18
2020Unauthorized signer
MOUs signer must be authorized to legally bind company i.e. CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, Counsel, Member, Owner, President, Vice President, etc
3000Missing Information
3010Missing Company URL
Please provide website for this company
5000Invalid Submitter
5010Invalid Entity Name
Submitter Name must be full legal entity name if this is a dba, it must be reflected in the submitter name.
5020Submitter declared to be an "Underwritten Title Company"
Under California Law, LLCs are not eligible to be an underwritten title company. “Underwritten title company” means any corporation engaged in the business of preparing title searches, title examinations, title reports, certificates or abstracts of title upon the basis of which a title insurer writes title policies.
5030Entity does not qualify as a "Title Insurer"
6000Verification issue
6010Unable to verify Submitter Address
6020Unable to verify entity 
8000COI Issue
8010COI Insured Mismatch
8011COI Insured Address does not match Address on file.
8012COI Insured does not match submitter on file.
9000Undefined Issue
Explanation provided in the Comments.  Please contact us for more information.


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